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A revolutionary incubator for startups

Welcome to Venture Mechanics, the premier startup incubator in Bellevue, WA, where innovation thrives and entrepreneurial dreams take flight. At Venture Mechanics, we go beyond offering state-of-the-art workspace solutions featuring standing desks and treadmill desks. We believe that true success comes from a combination of the right environment, cutting-edge resources, and invaluable guidance. That's why we're proud to provide an unparalleled mentorship program, connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with seasoned industry experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. With Venture Mechanics, you'll have the tools, support, and guidance you need to navigate the exciting, yet challenging, startup landscape and propel your venture towards unprecedented success. Join us today and unlock a world of endless possibilities.
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Standing desk for healthy working environment

About us

Venture Mechanics is a dynamic startup incubator in Bellevue, WA, committed to empowering early-stage ventures for success. With our innovative workspace featuring standing desks and treadmill desks, we promote a healthy and active work environment that fuels productivity and creativity. Our comprehensive services, mentorship program, and vibrant community create the ideal ecosystem for startups to thrive.
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Health-focused furniture

Our state-of-the-art workspace is thoughtfully designed with standing desks and treadmill desks, promoting an active and ergonomic work environment that enhances productivity and overall well-being.


Our mentorship program connects aspiring entrepreneurs with experienced industry experts who provide invaluable guidance and support throughout their startup journey.

Versatile spaces

Our flexible spaces include float desks for individual work, well-equipped conference rooms for collaborative meetings, and versatile event spaces for workshops and networking events.

Easy parking and public transport options

Our convenient location offers ample free parking and easy access to various public transportation options, ensuring hassle-free commuting for our members and visitors.

Startup Incubation

Venture Mechanics provides startups with a comprehensive incubation program designed to accelerate their growth. Through tailored resources, mentorship from industry experts, and access to funding opportunities, we offer the support needed to navigate the challenges of the startup journey. Our vibrant entrepreneurial community further enriches the experience, fostering collaboration and inspiring innovation.

We believe in the power of startups to change the world. Our incubation program provides startups with the essential ingredients for success: mentorship, resources, and a supportive community. With access to expert guidance, funding opportunities, and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, your startup will have the foundation it needs to thrive.
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Standing desk for healthy working environment
Standing desk for startup incubator in Bellevue WA

Events for startup success

At Venture Mechanics, we believe in the power of community and the value of shared knowledge. Our vibrant ecosystem fosters collaboration, networking, and continuous learning through a variety of engaging events and workshops.

Our event spaces are designed to host workshops, conferences, and networking events that bring together entrepreneurs, industry experts, and thought leaders. These events serve as valuable platforms for knowledge sharing, fostering meaningful connections, and discovering new opportunities.
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