The Mechanics

Ron Wiener, Chief Mechanic

Chief MechanicRon is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with twenty five years of operating experience in early-stage high technology companies. He was founder and CEO of six investor-backed companies since 1988 (EquaShip, Earth Class Mail, SnapNames, PrintBid, Distribution Sciences, Azure Technology) and participated as an investor and board member in five others, not including VM’s portfolio companies. Ron was featured for the entire first season of Startup Junkies cable television series, now viewable online at, and is a frequent speaker and editorial contributor on entrepreneurship and in the industries in which he has specialized. Ron studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Carnegie-Mellon University.

Adam Brazg, Associate Mechanic

Adam has previously worked in both large corporations and early stage companies which include PriceWaterhouseCoopers, IBM, Pi Corp (acquired by EMC) and EquaShip. He is an ambitious entrepreneur with considerable analytical and business instincts. Adam graduated from Bentley University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting and Finance.



Marty Mianji, Associate Mechanic

Marty is a veteran of the software industry. In the past twenty five years Marty has held executive, managerial, and technologist positions at companies such as e.piphany, WebGain, Cognos Corporation, Gupta Technologies, Ingres, and Tektronix. Marty was responsible for call center CRM products at e.piphany where he successfully integrated the Octane team into e.piphany. Marty led the development of a pioneering web portal product at Interweave which was acquired by Cognos Corporation. At Gupta Technologies Marty was one of the architects of SQLWindows, an IDE-based 4GL for building Windows applications. Marty holds bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy from Portland State University.


Richard Rosen, Associate Mechanic 

Richard G. Rosen is founder, President, and CEO of ROSEN, a global consultancy firm that specializes in transforming marketing and advertising campaigns into cost-effective business models. As the originator and chief architect of Convergence Marketing, he consults with recognized brand-name clients, and presents to business and academic forums throughout the world. His firm has received 28 Echo Awards, and Richard has received the Caples Organization’s Emerson Award and the first “B-to-B Marketer of the Year Award” by the International Direct Marketing Association.

Gunnar Gorder, Associate Mechanic

Gunnar uses his experience from multiple disciplines within the US Navy to support the Chief Mechanics.  He has previously worked as Analyst at Loft9 Consulting and as Product Manager at EquaShip. Gunnar graduated magna cum laude from the University of Maryland, University College with a B.S. in Management Studies and graduated with honors from St. John’s University with a Finance MBA, having written his thesis on Entrepreneurial Finance.



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